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Minimally Invasive Herniated Disc Treatment

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Back Pain Medical Tours

We proudly represent REVMED Inc. of South Korea, the manufacturers and developers of an advanced medical device called "PLASMA D30".

REV MED Inc. is obtaining positive evaluation from the related export after a successful launching of "PLASMA D30 SYSTEM" in 2006. "PLASMA D30 SYSTEM" has proven to be effective and safe in the treatment of back pain problems.

With successful passing 10.000 clinical cases for the herniated disc treatment using 'PLASMA D30 SYSTEM" in march 2009. REVMED Inc is proud to be creative and to always continue to be:

-challenging and exploiting like Columbus,

-Struggling for customers' satisfaction,

-guarantee customers' smile.

To take advantage of these new inventions and innovations, we will help you to get rid of your back pain and problems no matter where you live, in Americas, Asia, Europe or Africa.

Our Back Pain Medical Tours include:

-Hospital or professional Clinic room,


-All medications during your surgery,

-7 days hotel stay, plus 3 meal a day for the duration of you 7 days stay in South Korea.

-Your Airport Transfer to and from your hotel.

The only part that is not included is your Flight Tickets and it is because our patients are coming from different parts of the world and we assume that they can purchase the flight ticket cheaper. Looking forward to talk to you and have you in our team of Medial Tours.

Easy Steps in Plasma D30 Surgery:

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Plasma D30 Sterilizeing
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Fibre Insertion Area Measurement Local Anasthesia - Lidocain
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Insert Cannula Insert Plasma Fibre Light irradiation
HyperLink See the whole Movie in Youtube...
Surgery Finished!

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