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Strauss Herb Company’s Herbal Traditional Line has prompted
us to create new product lines that offer healthier alternatives
in the food line.

Nothing will get your attention faster than a brush with death. Jim Strauss had his in 1979 at age 57. After suffering a massive heart attack, his doctors told him only bypass surgery could save his life.


As a seventh-generation-herbalist from an Austrian family that had been the village herbalists since the 1700s, Jim knew that many of the herbs he was familiar with had a long tradition of being heart, circulation and blood tonics. He also knew that his palate could differentiate the functions of many herbs by their exotic tastes, a skill he had acquired in childhood gathering and tasting herbs with his grandparents from the time he could walk. Like the cobbler with terrible shoes, or the mechanic with the unreliable car, Jim had neglected his own health in the service of others.

The most important herbal lessons Jim learned from his parents and grandparents were that, just as in cooking, balance and proportion are key elements in any effective "recipe." Applying his knowledge, his instinct and his fear, Jim was able to develop his now famous blend of Strauss Heartdrops® in a short time.

The Strauss Herb Company has evolved from its humble beginnings of hand grinding herbs in the home kitchen for friends and neighbours, to supplying health food stores in Canada with more than 20 unique herbal products. Today, we have two GMP certified manufacturing plants and skilled, dedicated staff. Our remedies are distributed worldwide, having achieved global recognition primarily by word of mouth from satisfied customers.

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